Natural selection is the process by which organisms that are most suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully; also called “survival of the fittest”.

All members of a population compete for necessities of life. Darwin figured out that variations in a population help different species to survive. Some variations are better suited for the environment which intern increases the organism’s ability to survive and reproduce. The animals that do survive and reproduce are better adapted then other organisms. The better adapted you are the more fitted you are to reproduce, reproduction rates refer to “survival of the fittest”. From generation to generation populations continue to change and become adapted as the environment changes.

Charles Darwin suggested that over years and years when organisms adapt then eventually successfully evolve into a new species. This definitely explains the diversity of life and change over time. Common descent is the theory that all living things have descended from a common ancestor. An example of this is the relationship of chimpanzees, gorillas, and humans.

Lamarck’s theory of acquire characteristics is that organisms could change during their lifetime by selectively using or not using various parts of their bodies he also suggested that individuals could pass these acquired traits on to their offspring, enabling species to change over time.

Now that we know both of this theory’s we can tell they are a lot different. The following are my main points of how they differ-
  • Lamarck suggested that species want to be perfect
  • Natural selection suggested they just want to survive and be fit.
  • Lamarck suggested that traits acquired can be passed on to their offspring
  • Natural selection explains to us that acquired traits don’t not get passed down
  • Lamarck’s theory would take less time to evolve then natural selection
  • Natural selection is all about being the “fittest” and there is nothing about that in Lamarck’s theory

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Natural selection is important because it is a process that enables species to survive and reproduce in a local environment. If local environmental conditions change, some traits that were once adaptive may no longer be useful, and different traits may become adaptive. And if environmental conditions change faster than a species can adapt to those changes, the species may become extinct. Natural selection explains the design in nature. It is the one process that is responsible for the evolution of adaptations of organisms in various environments.