Natural Selection

- environment influences fitness (farmers, animal breeders etc.)
- organisms struggle for existence
- there is variation and adaptations among them
- only some survive; survival of the fittest
- the ones that survive reproduce and pass their traits to their offspring
- doesn't try to make organisms better
- doesn't move in a fixed direction
- occurs over a long period of time
- occurs randomly

Artificial Selection

- nature provides variations, but humans choose the one that makes them 'best'
- occurs in a shorter period of time opposed to natural selection
- changes based on humans point-of-view of better, not the organism's


- try to change organisms
- occurs over time
- result of sexual reproduction
- the favourable trait is selected


It is important to have variation in living things, and both natural and artificial selection provide this. Humans are able to manipulate animals in order for the humans to benefit from it in some way, and wild animals are able to be better fitted in their environment, leading to prolonged lives and less of a chance for extinction to occur.