DNA controls the chemical events within the cell via proteins, which means it controls the traits of organism and cell structure (because it has all the information on how cells should be made). The code the DNA contains controls both the structure and metabolic activities of the cell/organism, therefore, it controls the traits of the organism. Also, it controls the manufacture of proteins, which is basically a way to control cell’s functions. The DNA copies itself perfectly (unless it’s interrupted by an outside turbulence, which may result in mutations), which means the organism’s offspring will receive the same genetic information from its parent/parents. All the parent’s/parents’ traits will be passed down to the offspring. During mitosis and meiosis, DNA molecules are carefully sorted and separated to ensure all genetic information gets passed from one generation to the next.

DNA -->Genetic Information --> Proteins --> Cell function

------->Genetic Information --> Proteins --> Cell structure

One of the function of DNA is to pass on genetic information

An example of human inheritance


The significance of the functions of DNA are that the DNA basically controls everything within the cell. The DNA is absolutely crucial to a cell. It contains codes that controls both the structure and metabolic activities of the cell, meaning that it also determines the traits of the organism. The DNA is critical in cells, which are the basic units of life, therefore meaning that DNA is extremely important to life. Without the function the DNA has, there would be no life as the cells would not know which proteins to make, which traits to have, how to perform specific metabolic activities, which structures to have, and so forth.